Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing

Despite the use of online marketing, brochure printing remains a key informative product that has many benefits over its digital counterpart. A well-executed booklet gives all the information you need without the need for scrolling or flicking between screens; it is always to hand without having to fire up a browser; it is a tactile integration with your customers. At a Local Printer we specialise in providing brochure printing solutions that meet your business needs.

  1. A4 printed brochures

    A4 Brochure Printing

    Brochure printing is the window to your business which is why it is so important to get it right. Everything about a brochure reflects your business - the paper, finish, style and design.  At A Local Printer our A4 booklets are available in stylish silk art, groovy gloss art or uncoated recycled, printed litho for a superb quality finish. We also offer the option of adding a heavy cover for a truly fabulous finish.

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  2. A5 Brochure Printing

    A5 Brochure Printing

    We print lots of booklets for our customers and A5 size is a runaway winner - with up to 40 pages it makes a great festival or event product but is also ideal as a sales catalogue or company brochure. 

    These are printed on our litho presses for affordable larger volumes, and with a choice of silk, gloss or recycled paper deliver a high quality product. 

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  3. DL Brochure Printing

    DL Brochure Printing

    Something a little bit different but just as useful - a DL sized brochure.  This handy sized product fits neatly in to a standard DL envelope for mailing out and are also frequently used by salons as service and price lists. Printed on silk, gloss or recycled papers for a range of very different looks and feel; you are bound to find one that you love!

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  4. A4 Brochure Printing

    A4 Brochures - 25 to 500

    A4 brochure printing is the go-to size for many businesses as a window to their products and services. Available to order from 8 to 40 pages, this style and size is ideal as 'showcase' catalogue. With a choice of materials for printing our small run printing service allows you to produce a key promotional tool for your business at an affordable cost.


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  5. Printed A5 brochures

    A5 Brochures - 25 to 500

    The A5 booklet has lots of uses - theatre programmes, instruction manuals, fashion look books, business portfolios, product catalogues and prospectuses - to name but a few!

    This versatile product is available printed with 8 to 40 pages and in either portrait or landscape finish for even more choice. Choose from as few as 25 up to 500.

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  6. A6 Quick Print Brochure Printing

    A6 Brochures - 25 to 500

    The handy size brochure that easily fits in to bags and pockets. Printed on high quality premium silk or uncoated paper these are the perfect size for instruction manuals, product range marketing and even mini recipe books! Choose from 8 to 40 pages and from as few as 25 copies.

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  7. DL Brochure Printing

    DL Brochures - 25 to 500

    This DL size product has an enduring role as an information brochure, whether it is for beauty treatments, hotel and resort information or community services.  The same size as a complement slip they can be ordered with up to 40 pages and come with the option to add a heavy 250gsm cover for extra gravitas! Order from 25 to 500.

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  8. Square Brochure Printing

    210 x 210mm Square Brochures - 25 to 500

    It is officially hip to be square. For a modern, eye catching brochure our 210mm square size is the ticket. Not too big, not too small. Just right in fact.

    Printed with eco-friendly inks on paper from sustainable sources and available with 8 to 40 pages plus the option to add a heavy cover for extra oomph.

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Eco Printing

All Eco Brochure Printing

As eco-friendly brochure printers, we only print on sustainably sourced materials.  If you wish you can opt to add our unique Eco Logo to your booklets to emphasise the eco credentials. Choose from the following materials:-

  • Stylish silk art 150gsm - a conventional coated paper. Super smooth with a tactile soft sheen finish, it is superb for full colour, vibrant designs and images that leap from the page.
  • 100% recycled uncoated 120gsm - for the ultimate eco-friendly printing solution. Chunky 120gsm with high opacity for the minimum show through: the diamond in the rough of recycled papers.    
As a standard, all of our printed brochures prices are for Self Cover finish.  This means that the weight of the paper is consistent throughout and includes the cover. You can opt for a Heavy Cover by upgrading your cover choice on the product page. This will increase the weight of the cover to 250gsm.
The term PP means printed pages or sides - so a 12pp A4 is 12 pages of A4 where the front cover is page 1 and the reverse of the back cover is page 12.  
Unless otherwise stated our online prices are for PORTRAIT ONLY. If you require a LANDSCAPE finish or would like more information about any of our online printing services, please Contact Us for a quote and we will be happy to help.

More brochure printing options

Printed Brochure Options

I would be here for a month of Sundays if all of the booklet options available were published on our website!

  • Can we produce more than 40 pages - Yes we can!
  • Can we produce perfect bound books - Yes we can!
  • Can we produce other sizes - Yes we can!
  • Is there an option for spot colour, metallic, foil blocked brochures - Yes there is!

Want to know more? Simply contact us on 01903 742003 or use our online email facility.


Top Tips

12pp, 16pp ...PP = Printed Pages

Your booklet must have a number of pages which are divisible by four, so 12 page, 16 page, 24 page etc - no 13, 17 or 33 pages! Each booklet is finished with two staples, sometimes called stitched, which holds all the pages together very securely.

For more information on supplying artwork click through to our Guide to Supplying Artwork which has lots of important information to help you on your way.


Companion Products to brochures

Companion Products

Here are a few other printed products that you might want to include with your printing for a full marketing suite of specific promotional items.

Business Cards - the super quick reference tool that has all the important contact details immediately to hand. Staple onto the cover to keep it all together.

Folded Leaflet Printing - if you are thinking about a 12 or 16-page brochure why not have a look at our multi-fold leaflets? They come with 8, 12 or 16 printed pages (panels) and as a cost-effective alternative, these are a top item. Check them out!

Folded Flyers - we call these the mini brochure as you get four pages printed on heavy board which makes an excellent alternative. You may well be impressed by these little beauties!


Brochure Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it!

"A big shout-out to @ALocalPrinter for printing our unique A4 brochures swiftly & on lovely 100% recycled paper.  Everyone loved 'em!" 

"The A5 booklets arrived earlier today and we are thrilled with how they have turned out so thank you very much!"

Hey, ever wondered how the staples were added to your brochure? No, sadly it is not a team of elves but a smart piece of kit called a stitchliner. See it in action below

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