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The popular kid on the block! Kraft is carving out a niche for itself as an uber cool material that marries organic with high fashion. Not sure what we mean? Take a peak at these products and be converted.
  1. Printed kraft

    Kraft Flyers

    Our eco printed kraft flyers are printed in full colour with vegetable oil based inks. They have a vintage charm that has them head and shoulders above the competition and makes for an eye-catching product. Printing on kraft works particularly well with simple, clean design set against the natural kraft background.

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  2. Kraft Leaflet Printing

    Kraft Leaflets

    Our eco-printed kraft leaflets are the ones that are going to stand out a mile! Printed in full colour on thick 170gsm eco kraft paper these have the power to stand out from the crowd with a pleasing look and feel. Great for emphasizing organic or natural elements, kraft papers make fabulous eco menus for farm shops and cafes. Let the power of kraft boost your marketing and promotions - who can resist such a handsome creature!

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  3. Black print on kraft board

    Black Print Kraft Leaflets

    Black printing on natural brown kraft leaflets makes a very bold marketing product. The single colour black stands out cleanly against the paper but remains in harmony with the colour of the kraft. We litho print these black print only leaflets with vegetable oil based inks on 170gsm paper for a product that is as eco-friendly as it is stunning.

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  4. Kraft Business Cards

    Kraft Business Cards Printing

    For a business card that ticks all the eco boxes with the added advantage of being right-on trendy and uber cool this is the card for you. If you are in the market for a new statement business card make sure you choose our kraft business cards and leave the competition in the pale. Order up to 6 names with our easy peasy online ordering.

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  5. Kraft Loyalty Card Printing

    Kraft Loyalty Cards

    Our kraft loyalty cards are ideal for stamping or writing on and are eco printed for a 100% eco happy product. Available in flat or folded finishes. More affordable than plastic cards our kraft loyalty cards look great, feel fantastic and can help generate customer retention (A free coffee? Yes please!)

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  6. Kraft Notebooks

    Kraft Notebook Printing

    Kraft board is the new 'hot topic' material at the moment and using it as covers for our A5, A6 and Square notebook printing is inspired! These finished notebooks have a lovely old school charm that is so retro it's modern!

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  7. Kraft invitation printing

    Kraft Invitations

    Not just wedding invitations but all types of party invitation, 'save the date' requests, place cards and everything else you need for your big day.

    Kraft wedding invitations are perfect for couples who want to design their own, making their stationery truly bespoke and personal. When printing on kraft less is more, so you don't need to be a qualified designer either!!

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  8. Kraft Swing Tags

    Kraft Swing Tag Printing

    Choose from four sizes, our long 148 x 50mm, standard 85 x 55mm 65mm square or A7. Printed in full colour that delivers fantastic results on our gorgeous tactile kraft board. For a swing tag that combines class with cutting edge retro rustic charm and elegance these are the tags for you.

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  9. Kraft Cards Printing

    Kraft Greeting Cards

    Keep Calm and Order Kraft Cards! These cards are the epitome of vintage style and look equally fabulous with simple or complex designs on this forgiving paper. Choose from finished size A5, A6, DL or cute 120 x 120mm square with the option to order matching kraft envelopes too. Take advantage of our very useful multiple sorts option giving you the go-ahead to order up to 5 designs for the same price!

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  10. Kraft menus

    Kraft Menu Printing

    Our kraft menus are truly tempting in so many ways! Printed on thick 285gsm eco kraft board, these menus have a pleasing look and feel and are ideal for every establishment with their unique combination of trendy and organic. Great for emphasizing natural elements kraft menus are definitely flavour of the month, so use all the attraction of this material to boost your menu pulling power.

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  11. Kraft Sticker Printing

    Ribbed Kraft Labels

    The ultimate eco label. Our new kraft label range is available in three circular sizes and three rectangular sizes.  With a 100% recycled ribbed brown paper face these kraft labels are the real deal for your eco and organic products.

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  12. Printed kraft wrapping paper

    Kraft Wrapping Paper Printing

    If you are searching for something a bit different and love the kraft papers that are popular at the moment have a peek at this gorgeous alternative. We eco-print a big 500 x 700mm sheet with one of our own unique kraft style backgrounds with your designs incorporated to create a unique 'kraft' wrapping paper. Genius!

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Printing on kraft board does come with its own unique set of rules. Click through to our kraft information page for hints and tips on getting the best from your artwork for a product you will love.

The eco kraft board we use is 100% recycled and a 'two sided board' with a slightly lighter kraft colour on the reverse. All of our kraft board is eco-printed for a product that is as green as it is groovy.  The prices on our website are for printing in black only or full colour - the choice is yours.

A Certified Eco Friendly Printing Company

For us printing and working eco is second nature. We only use established papers that are sourced from responsibly managed forests, including kraft and 100% recycled papers and boards. These materials have met a strict set of environmental and socially responsible standards for the ultimate in eco-friendly papers.

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