Eco Packaging

Eco Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is easily recycled and is safe for individuals and the environment. It uses as much renewable or recycled materials as possible and causes less damage to the environment than other types of packaging. The eco packaging we supply is made from recycled or sustainable sourced pulp, is printed with eco-friendly toners, it can be recycled and is biodegradable.

Our range of eco packaging is designed to offer an end-to-end solution to our customers, ensuring that your eco products can be packaged in materials that complement and enhance your products whilst supporting and promoting your brand.

  1. Soap Box Packaging

    Soap Box Packaging

    NEW! Printed on Kraft, 100% Recycled or Eco Packaging Board our eco printed soap boxes are as much a part of the product as the contents. Use your packaging to enhance the appeal of your products as well as provide important ingredients information. With two styles to choose from these boxes are die-cut to size and come supplied flat for easy self-assembly.

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  2. Gift soap boxes

    Mini Soap Boxes

    NEW! Printed on Kraft, Silk or 100% Recycled board our 50mm cube mini boxes are a fun size addition to our eco packaging range. Great for soaps, baby bath bombs, natural sponges… the list goes on! Plastic free, eco-friendly and available with or without a heart shape cut-out for extra love. Supplied die-cut and flat with the option of being glued to size for self-assembly.

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  3. Soap Wraps

    Soap Wraps

    Soap wraps give your handmade soaps that extra finishing touch of loveliness. Use your designs to emphasise the natural ingredients, and with all of our wraps being eco-printed on recycled or sustainable papers you can be certain that your green credentials are not being compromised! Choose from recycled, gloss or silk papers and order any size wrap you want up to A5 (210 x 148mm) - because we know that like us, handmade soaps come in lots of shapes and sizes :)

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  4. Soap Bands Printing

    Soap Bands

    All part of the finishing touch but an important piece of packaging. Soap bands not only promote your brand and identify the fragrance but carry the ingredients and other key information. The bands are printed with eco-friendly toners on three different papers and come with our unique Multiple Sorts offer.

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  5. Pillow packs

    Pillow Box Packaging

    NEW! Printed on Kraft, 100% Recycled or specialist Eco Packaging board our eco printed pillow boxes give you plenty of options for your packaging products. With four sizes available these boxes are die-cut to size and come with the option of being glued to size for easy assembly. Perfect for smaller items such as jewellery and cosmetics, bespoke printed packaging is a great opportunity to enhance your products.

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  6. Flat Gift Boxes

    Printed Gift Boxes

    NEW! These square flat pack boxes are designed to hold smaller items such as jewellery, cards, ceramics, pictures and more. Eco-printed on kraft, recycled or eco packaging board these are not postal mailing boxes but designed specifically for promoting your brand and products with custom printed packaging. This useful product is available in three sizes and comes with our multiple-sorts print option.

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  7. Eco-packaging Taper Boxes

    Taper-Top Boxes

    NEW! These taper-top boxes come with a stand-up base and a fold-over tab/slot closure and are available in three sizes and three different eco boards. They are printed in full colour with eco-friendly toners, which means that our brilliant multiple sorts option is available. Delivered die-cut to size with the option of glued to shape or left unglued, these lovely boxes make your packaging an integral part of the product.

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  8. Eco-Packaging Samples

    Printed Samples Service

    Order proofs of your eco-friendly packaging before going ahead with a larger order. We will print your artwork to the correct size and on the correct material so that you can see exactly how your job will look and feel - but please note that we do not die-cut it to shape. You will see the the outline of the product from a printed keyline.

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Complete the Circle with Eco-friendly Packaging

For anyone who is selling eco-friendly products made from eco-friendly materials it makes sense to close the circle with eco-friendly packaging. Our Packaging Category provides the opportunity to protect your products in packaging that is as eco-friendly as the contents.

Eco-friendly packaging comes in all shapes and sizes and ranges from a simple creased sleeve to a complex die-cut crash-lock box. Whilst we would love to offer an extensive variety of packaging products that can be ordered online we have limited ourselves to a few of the more universal products and ones that we are regularly asked for.

  • Our packaging products are all printed with eco-friendly toners on recycled board or boards from sustainable sources.
  • All of these printed items are fully recyclable
  • We try to keep our prices as low as possible and make eco-packaging attractive to everyone, with cost saving options if you want to undertake some of the finishing yourself.
  • Our unique Multiple Sorts option is available on all of these products, giving you up to 4 different designs for the same price.
  • We can print much larger volumes with our litho press base using vegetable oil-based inks
  • We would love to work with you on any packaging project to help you achieve the best and most appropriate packaging in the most eco-friendly fashion

Contact us for a bespoke quote  To create your very own bespoke packaging with a little help from A Local Printer simply contact us or use the bespoke quote button at the top of every page.

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