Great Design starts here 

Your Great Design Starts Here

Getting your design just right entails more than coming up with the concept and then turning it in to something that can be printed. For your design to go from good to great there are other factors that you should take in to consideration from a printing perspective, to ensure that your design is exactly as you envisaged it after it has been printed. We have created a series of information pages which have been written to help you get the best from your design and to love it even more once you see it in print. 

Artwork and Design Top Tips 

A page of key pointers that you should be aware of before you embark upon the designing process. This section includes some information on printer’s terminology so you understand what we are talking about, plus important guidance on the amount of space to leave around the edge of the page when positioning text, what colours to design in and the best resolution for printing. 

Supplying your Artwork 

If you supply your artwork to us in the correct format then you can be certain that we will be printing your design exactly as you want it. A browse through this page will give you all the information you need in terms of file sizes and formats, plus how to save your designs properly with all of the appropriate information we need. 

Design Guidance 

From experience we know that a fabulous design on the screen will not always translate in to print. This is particularly important with designing for digital printing, printing on kraft and printing with elements to be foil blocked. To guide you in the right direction we have three separate pages chock full of tips and information to ensure your final design looks as good on paper as it does on the screen. Better we bring these little foibles to your attention at the early design stage rather than when you submit it to us for printing!

Printing on Kraft

Printing with Foil Blocking

Designing for Digital Printing

Getting your size right 

As a finishing touch we have a host of templates that you can download to fit your artwork over. These show the area of bleed and the ‘dead space’ to keep clear of your text.