Responsibly Managed Forests

Going Green with Responsibly Managed Forestry

Responsibly managed forestry is the phrase used to indicate that the world's forests are properly managed to maintain and protect wildlife habitat and respect the rights of local communities.  It includes representatives from environmental and social groups, the timber trade, paper industry, forestry profession, indigenous people's organisations, community forestry groups and forest product certification organisations from around the world.  If you see this phrase on any wood or paper product it is a guarantee that the raw material has been sourced from a forest grown as a pulp crop and not from protected rainforest areas. 

The 'Chain of Custody' is the process by which the source of a timber product is verified. Certification involves inspection and auditing of the land from which the timber and pulpwood originate and tracking it through all the steps of the production process until it reaches the end user.

What does this mean to you?

Since 2005 we have been the only UK printing website with online ordering promoting printed products made entirely from responsibly sourced or 100% recycled paper.

We use paper and board sourced from responsibly managed sources in silk, gloss and 100% recycled finishes for all of our printing. What this means to you is that anything printed by A Local Printer is on paper that has originated from a sustainable crop grown forest.

Responsible and Auditable

Using responsibly sourced paper for your printing is an effective way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Many companies are increasingly specifying these papers as their pledge to a greener world and we are happy to offer them as standard.

Placing your printing with A Local Printer guarantees the following:

  • ISO 14001 certified printer since 2006 and committed to continual improvement
  • Every paper and board on our website originates from responsibly managed forests
  • All of our litho presses are alcohol free
  • Our plate making equipment is chemistry free
  • All of our litho inks are vegetable oil based
  • All of the toners we use are environmentally friendly
  • All of our waste is either recycled or re-used
  • All of our waste is collected by certified hazardous waste carriers

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More information on our eco-friendly printing can be found in our Green Printing Policy.

Add a claim to your printing

If you want to draw attention to the fact that your printing is not only gorgeous but green too, we recommend adding one of the following lines of text:-

‘Printed using vegetable oil based inks on paper originating from responsibly managed forests’

‘Printed using eco-friendly toners on paper originating from responsibly managed forests’

‘Printed on material originating from responsibly managed forests’

Of course you can swap 'responsibly managed forests' for '100% recycled paper' if that is what you have chosen!

Add your own Eco Logo

As we are not constrained by what we print on the materials we use, you can create your own eco logo in any size, shape or colour that you want.

Add our Eco Logo

You can add one of our eco logos to anything we print for you, for free!

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