Carbon Neutral Paper and A Local Printer

A Local Printer Embraces Carbon Neutral Paper

The majority of our website products are printed on a very small range of recycled and coated papers. The papers we use are Green Star rated as 4 and 5 stars and carbon offset. By using carbon offset paper we benefit from an immediate and cost effective way to reduce our company's carbon emissions and at the same time support essential woodland regeneration projects that would not otherwise happen.

How Carbon Balancing of paper works
Carbon Balancing is when the carbon impacts of a product or service have been estimated and the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide is prevented from being released into, or is absorbed from, the atmosphere. In terms of paper the carbon impact of its production and distribution is estimated and then offset by either planting new trees or buying land to preserve established woodland. The amount of carbon offsetting required is calculated by the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity.

So how does carbon offsetting work?
Through our paper merchants, every tonne of carbon offset paper purchased results in an equivalent one tonne of CO₂ captured in new UK woodlands and certified under the government’s Woodland Carbon Code. Essentially, we pay a bit more for the paper and that money goes towards planting new woodland which offsets the carbon emission created during the paper production. In turn our paper merchants have partnerships with charities dedicated to carbon woodland creation under the banner of the government’s Woodland Carbon Code.

Carbon Offsetting is good for the planet

Hopefully soon carbon offsetting will be standard practice. Until then you can be sure that the silk and recycled paper products that you purchase from our website benefit from balanced carbon impacts.

Carbon Neutral Paper

Being Carbon Neutral also extends to our courier delivery service. Find our more about how we are helping to keep the air fresh with Carbon Neutral deliveries.