All about SMS Marketing Services

Why is SMS marketing important for your business?

Remember, the best marketing ties together ALL your communication methods: SMS, email, telephone, internet and printed media to give your customers multiple ways of connecting with your business. The easier it is for customers, the better your results will be, so focus all of your efforts around what your customers want and your marketing efforts are on the road to success.

With so many distractions taking your customers away from their computers, SMS marketing is a great way to keep them engaged. Use it to encourage customers to attend events, to sell and promote a particular product or service, or use it as a simple reminder service for important information..

Key reasons for SMS marketing

  • It is the most effective medium for marketing
  • SMS Marketing messages have a fantastic open rate – over 98%

So why aren't you using SMS marketing?

SMS Marketing is undeniably one of the best ways to attract the attention of your customers and get news and promotions in front of them fast.  

One of the reasons you may not be making the most of the hugely effective medium of SMS marketing is simply that your not sure how to use it effectively. You may be used to the relative freedom of email campaigns, which allow you to use unlimited text and images to get your message across. 

Be snappy with 160 Characters!

With SMS marketing campaigns, it’s all down to those 160 characters per message. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and by carefully wording your SMS messages you can get all the impact of a marketing campaign into one single message.

Big bang for your pennies!

A Local Printer can help ensure your marketing messages are delivered with ease. We’ll help maximise your success and deliverability – we’ll keep you on the right side of the law and even help you with cleansing your database, but more than that, once you’ve got your first SMS campaign underway and seeing the benefits we’ll gladly help you build you next campaign. We'll ensure you'll get big bang for pennies!


If you are interested in using our SMS services please contact us on 01903 742003 for more information and to get started!