Email Marketing Services from A Local Printer

e-Marketing Made Easy with A Local Printer

What is e-Marketing? Is it better than traditional marketing...

Marketing has pretty much been around forever in one form or another. The methods of marketing have changed and improved, and we’ve become a lot more efficient in getting our marketing messages out there. e-Marketing is the result of the meeting between modern communication methods and tried and tested marketing principles.

Why is e-marketing important?

When implemented correctly, the return on investment from e-Marketing can far exceed that of traditional marketing channels. You can get your message out quickly and more cost effectively. Sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationship with your customers is invaluable whether it is to create customer loyalty and repeat business or ensuring brand awareness remains fresh in your customers mind.

Is it complicated to get started?

No... the best place to start is marketing to an existing customer database or maybe to the email addresses gathered from your form capture via your existing website. Don’t worry if your data is in a bit of a mess or split over multiple databases we can help you with all the fiddly bits.

Simply put, if the whole idea of sending email communications seems complicated or if you can’t afford the time or train your staff, then let A Local Printer Ltd manage all your e-marketing – we have the experience so let us worry about all the ‘techie bits’. 

Why use A Local Printer e-marketing?

NASA style technology with a Fisher-Price interface!

Whether you want to send a monthly newsletter, advertise a new product or retain and develop new customer relationships, we have the experience and tools to deliver your message. We offer a comprehensive range of services: 

  • Help you get your database sorted (Cleanse the database)
  • Get to know your business and target audience
  • Create engaging e-marketing templates for your business
  • Deliver your message to your customer base
  • Provide detailed analytics for your e-marketing’s effectiveness
  • Help improve and develop your messages for the next campaign 

We also offer the facility for you to create and manage your own e-marketing campaigns through our easy to use online template editor and our database management platform giving you NASA style technology with a Fisher-Price interface!