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Is print design still in fashion?

We're often asked this question. The simple answer is: Yes, and it's very much alive and kicking!

So why print design?

Nothing feels better than having something tangible in your hand and sometimes print is the only way to get the message across. The internet may be nibbling at the heels of traditional design but never forget the power of print as a highly effective and personal marketing medium and a launch-pad for multi-channel communications.

In today's digital world customers and your audience can all to easily switch off from the constant bombardment of emails, SMSs, TV and Radio adverts; print has the power to cut through!

A Local Printer Ltd's studio offers a fresh, forward thinking West Sussex based branding and design service embracing
modern print design for traditional media.

 It is fair to say that in certain medium print has been diminishing for a while, but in other areas it is happily seeing a resurgence. There will always be a place for promotional and marketing print for instance. After all, handing someone a brochure or leaflet they can absorb quickly is much more user friendly than having to get to a wifi area and then squint at a screen to get all the detail! So, if you are going to print it, be sure to get it right and make our printing work hard for you.

Why use A Local Printer for your Design Services

Well to put it simply, if it can be printed, we can design it: from stunning brochures, annual reports, business stationery and catalogue design including personalised (variably printed), to advertising and marketing materials.

It's also worth bearing in mind that designing for print can have it's pitfalls, and engaging a designer that works specifically in the field of print can save disappointment with a job. We can guide you on the following:-

  • the type of black to use (yes, black isn't always black!),
  • design in CMYK so that you are happy immediately with the strength of colour and vibrancy,
  • ensure your fonts are the correct size to be readable
  • that everything is created and saved at the correct resolution.

Quality Design since 1979 (that's before the internet)

Our print design services are built over years of experience and proven success. We’re hot on what works and what doesn’t. We know that the colour of the year is Tangerine Tango and when and where to use hanging indents... we’ll sit down with you to best understand your business and develop creative concepts that work – with an entire print and finishing department at our disposal you can be sure of quality results.